In 2013, I joined Zenput, a small start-up in San Francisco, as a junior software engineer. Zenput provides real-time mobile data collection and analytics for businesses through iOS and Android apps. Companies can use Zenput to replace slow, outdated processes built on paper forms and surveys with fast, integrated mobile apps that offer superior analytics reported directly to managers.
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Rescroller for Google Chrome

Reviewed on Lifehacker and GHacks, Rescroller allows you to customize the look and feel of scrollbars on webpages within Google Chrome. Using the included settings, set the colors, shadows, and borders. of each scrollbar element, or use custom CSS to style the scrollbars manually.
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Access Burlington .com

Access Burlington is a portal for easy access to information for residents, visitors, and students in and around the Burlington, VT area. As a member of the team, I've been responsible for many of the site's back-end features, including the database, search, administrative tools, and more.
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Long Live Champlain Video

It's hard to believe how quickly my four years of college have past, yet I could not have asked for a better four. For several weeks, I dug through hours of gigabytes of video that I had recorded from my freshman through senior years in order to create one video that embodies my college experience. For those who attended Champlain with me, I hope watching this makes you smile as much as making it made me. For everyone else, I'd like to introduce you to my friends. Long live!
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Champlain College Housing Registrar WebApp

As a Champlain College capstone project, this housing registration web application is a working proof-of-concept for what would allow students to research on-campus living opportunities with details regarding location, room sizes, roommate possibilities, and more. It would allow residential administrators to easily upload descriptions, images, and floor plans for each hall.
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Champlain College Shuttle Tracker for AndroidTM

The Champlain College Shuttle Tracker displays locations of shuttles and buses at Champlain College that are responsible for transportation between campus, Spinner Place, Quarry Hill, and the Gilbane parking lot. It is an unofficial, mobile, and on-the-go alternative to the desktop web tracker, available at shuttle.champlain.edu. I chose to pursue this project voluntarily because I personally desired a better way to access shuttle information on the go and it was a good way to introduce myself to Android development.

Since graduating from Champlain, I have open-sourced the app and welcome others in the Champlain community to build upon my work. Click here to view the project on GitHub.
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DavidOfWatkins .com

Davidofwatkins.com is a centralized hub for my work and online identity. I've developed it from scratch and used it as a sandbox for demonstrating web design techniques in my early programming days.

Green Mountain Mules (Website)

As a team for a web e-commerce class, two other developers and I created a website and online trading store for mule-related equipment and services. In addition to a blog and standard informational pages, the site allows members to log in and post products and services for sale or trade. The site was built on WordPress, and my team designed and implemented many additional features through PHP, MySQL, Javascript, etc.
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Two-Player Chess (Java Application)

One of my first Java programs, this game provides a virtual chessboard for two players to use in a game of chess (much like the built-in chess game on Windows). There are admittedly a few remaining bugs that were never polished out, but it is available for download. Extract the .zip file and execute chess.jar.
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NYC Cafe (Website)

NYC Cafe & Catering is a small restaurant in San Juan Capistrano, CA. I constructed its website in 2010 as one of my first professional web projects.
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"Why's It Feel So Long" (Video)

As a side-project, I filmed and edited a short music video of my dog as he wandered casually around an empty house.
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"Captured Moments" - DeVincent Wedding Video

My sister was married in Cozumel, Mexico on June 18, 2010. Upon request, I filmed and documented the festivities of the fun-filled family vacation. I ultimately released two videos: an overview of the entire week ("Captured Moments") and a recording of the wedding, itself.
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"Driving Through Laguna" (Video)

During the summer of 2009, I documented a drive through Laguna Beach, CA using a Flip MinoHD camcorder strapped to the roof of my car.
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