Champlain College Housing Registration

Web Application (Senior Capstone Project, Proof-of-Concept) • David Watkins

As a Champlain College capstone project, this housing registration web application is a working proof-of-concept for what would allow students to research on-campus living opportunities with details regarding location, room size, roommate possibilities, and more. Likewise, it would allow residential administrators to upload descriptions, images, and floor plans for each hall using an intuitive and centralized control panel.

Save time: register anywhere, anytime.

Champlain College's current registration process involves physical priority numbers, scheduled registration meetings, long lines, and long wait times. This web app replaces this slow, inefficient system with a flexible and fast online alternative. Much like online class registration, students can log in using their normal accounts during specified windows of time from anywhere in the world, whether they are at home, studying abroad, or on campus.

Make better choices.

It's not always easy to pick a residence hall without knowing much about it. This app provides an overview of easily-accessible details for each hall, allowing students to make more educated decisions at a glance about where they choose to live. This could be especially convenient for incoming freshmen or transfer students who have not been fully acquainted with campus.

Collaborate with roommates.

It's easy to choose a roommate. Students with earlier registration windows can "pull in" roommates when finalizing their registration and fill out a short bio about themselves for other potential roommates to read later.

Administrative Benefits: Faster, Cheaper, More Efficient

The Department of Residential Life benefits, too. Administrators can upload pictures and floor plans, link halls with Foursquare locations, override housing assignments, and more from a centralized control panel - no need to host events or manage physical registration forms.

Hall Overview
All on One Page

Students who log into the registration site are greeted with a map and list of all residence halls. After choosing a hall, they will see a page with detailed information about it, including a description, images, floor plans, a map, and foursquare tips.

Intuitive Room Selection

Looking for a room has never been easier. Students can browse floor plans and quickly identify available rooms in real-time.

Centralized Control Panel

Housing managers can add, remove, and modify hall information or manually register student reservations easily and instantly from one administrative dashboard.

Upload Floorplans & Draw

The administration panel makes it easy for housing management to upload floor plans, add room overlays, and enter information about each room, such as size, maximum number of residents, gender restrictions, and more.